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α׵͸ ̿Ͽ RS232C α׵͸ ǻͷ ְ зº ̺ ۼϽ ֽϴ.
Free(AC85~264V, 50/60Hz) ؿܿ ϱ⿡ մϴ.


Air Source
Max. 735.5kPa non
Imbricated dry air
Max. 340kPa non
Imbricated dry air
Operating Air Pressure
5 ~ 490kPa 5 ~ 196kPa
Shot Time Range 0.015 ~ 99.999sec
Material Viscosity Range Low to high Low
Channel Memory Timed Mode : shot time, pressure 500ch.
Steady Mode : pressure 500ch.
Input Switch Internal voltage supply through a foot switch.
Transistor open collector input.
Operating Speed 600cycles/min
Power Consumption 10VA(MAX)
Overall Dimensions(mm) (W)250 X (D)220 X (H)100
Weight 4.5kg
Standard Accessories Qty
Metal outlet plug with 4p 1
Power cable set 1
* 콺 Ŭ Ͻø ڼ ֽϴ.