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Main features
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ü ġ (W)32cmx(D)33cmx(H)46cm ϰ Ǿֱ ġ մϴ. 븦 ϴ ѻ ۾ ġ ϰ ٸ ۾ ൵ ϸ ۾Ǻδ ֽϴ.
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Standard Specifications
Work range X-axis:250mm (Moving stroke in right and left)
Y-axis:210mm (Work table moving stroke in back and forth)
Work area 250mmX210mm
Operation method Pulse motor(open loop control)
Position accuracy Less than0.05
Control speed 1 to 300mm/sec.(1 to 100mm/sec. under CP control)
Max. head weight Y axis:5kg Z axis:2kg
Control method PTP control and CP control
System input and output Input 4 points, Output 3 point
Interpolation function Three dimensional interpolation(Two dimensional interpolation for arc)
Programming By direct command through Teaching pendant(option) or by input via MDl
Program capacity 2000 steps
Power supply AC100 to 120V10%, AC200 to 240V10%
Overview dimensions (W)320X(D)330X(H)460mm
Weight 15kg in approx
Standard Accessories Switch box 1pc.
Power supply cord 1pc.
Dispenser connecting cable 1pc.
Option Whole range of IEI dispensers Teaching pendant Work table
Precision nozzle fix tool Barrel fix tool Valve fix tool
NEO ONE fix tool Needle guide tip Standard head Precision head
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